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36 Bench
36 Bench
Available in standard Dane Co. finishes and with Eskayel patterned leather seat inserts

36 Bench


36 Bench


* Price for Eskayel leather inserts upon request

Seating Option

  • Natural
  • Leather inserts
  • Recessed w/ leather cushion
  • Recessed w/ bound rabbit fur


  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Walnut
  • Oak


  • Maple: "Tobacco" stain, hand-applied oils and lacquers
  • Ash: "Denatured Ash" stain, hand-applied lacquers
  • Walnut: Traditional, hand-applied oil and wax
  • Oak: Traditional, hand-applied oil and wax


  • Source: 100% American, ultra heavy-weight (14oz+), vegetable-tanned leather
  • Finish 1: Blemish-free and buffed, printed art by Eskayel (pictured in Banda - Bare)  w/ "Soft-Touch" protective top coat
  • Finish 2: Tannery-direct patina, drum-dyed (black/brown/nude) w/ hand-rubbed top coat
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