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299 Sideboard
299 Sideboard
The "299 Sideboard" begins with a solid wood frame joined together through a series of interlocking through-tenon lap joints, creating a natural framework for the cabinets and cases which, when locked together within the frame, complete the visual and structural purpose of the design.

299 Sideboard


299 Sideboard


Frame Material

  • Maple
  • Ash


  • Maple: "Tobacco" stain, hand-applied oils and lacquers
  • Ash: "Denatured Ash" stain, hand-applied lacquers

Drawers & Boxes

  • Finish 1: Solid colored, lacquered wood faces w/ stained or solid color wood interiors
  • Finish 2: Stained and lacquered wood faces w/ stained and lacquered interiors
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