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Dane Co. Studio

On Dane Co.

Dane Co. began as a furniture design and build company based in New York City. The firm has traditionally employed an architectural approach to design where function and strength are never compromised, but intentionally woven into the overall visual form, or “massing,” of the elements. Since its inception, Dane Co. has operated under the precept that it is possible to develop and produce products that preserve the notion of craftsmanship and still embrace the influence and potential of mass production - two often conflicting ideas in the conversation of design. Dane Co. is the aesthetic and functional foundation of everything developed at Dane Co. Studio.

On Dane Co. Studio

Dane Co. Studio is an original enterprise, the creative "brain trust" of New York City-based design and build company Dane Co. It is a collaborative union of like-minded friends and professionals - each with different talents, passions and backgrounds - working together to design, develop, produce and introduce high-end, functional products with artistic merit. We began with an idealistic foundation to designing and building furniture. We arrived at a holistic and manifold approach to introducing new products.

Dane Co. Studio was indoctrinated internally as a "thing" in late 2016. It was a concept that eventuated naturally through an appreciation for the knowledge and insights gained during the design, build and release processes - an organic by-product of our ongoing determination to make the products we produce better, in every way. As we strived to make improvements, we built on the philosophy that the best results are achieved by bringing together individuals who are experienced in, and passionate about, the disciplines required to do so. The result is a process-driven collective of passionate practitioners - fine artists, fabricators, builders, technologists and other creatives who ignore the barriers existing between fine art, craftsmanship and production.    

We encourage the continued practice of each individual's professional and personal passions. In doing so, we find better solutions; we make better improvements; we foster better ideas. Enhancements to chairs lead to new material studies and the consequent development of rugs. A study to streamline daily living, and reduce the complexity (and permanency) of built-in cabinetry, results in a new kind of kitchen system - a scalable derivative of a signature Dane Co. credenza - that emulates the quality and practicality of fine furniture.