Dane Co. began as a furniture design and build company based in New York City. The firm has traditionally employed an architectural approach to design where function and strength are never compromised, but intentionally woven into the overall visual form, or “massing,” of the elements. Since its inception, Dane Co. has operated under the precept that it is possible to develop and produce products that preserve the notion of craftsmanship and still embrace the influence and potential of mass production - two often conflicting ideas in the conversation of design. Dane Co. is the aesthetic and functional foundation of everything developed at Dane Co. Studio.

Dane Co. believes in the tenets of traditional furniture making and we apply its techniques and best practices to the entire design and build process. We build traditionally joined, solid wood pieces that are finished in hand-rubbed oils, lacquers and waxes. We mean it when we say we design for you, and build for your children’s children.